Garena Free Fire Mod Apk | Download Latest version

Now days playing battle games at home are not the difficult work to do. Most of the people are practicing the different games of war and battle at their home easily. Garena Free Fire app is used for this purpose, but this is paid in some things. So Garena Free Fire Mod Apk is the mod version of official app which has the unlimited diamonds, coins and money which all are completely free.

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

Free Fire is the most tremendous and appealing battle video mobile game in which the users practice their shooting skills. This game is developed by the Garena International, which is the publishing company. But in this game, various players are looking to survive on island and kill their enemies.

Released of Garena Free Fire Mod Apk

  • This mobile game was released in 2017. It has been the one of the most downloaded game of 2018. Contestants look to survive themselves in the island and try to kill their enemies and to earn money and diamonds. Users must good at this game to get the higher levels in this game.
  • Playing the battle games has not been the difficult task now days for users. Most of the applications provided the users with lot of skills and management also. So these apps find the users with an ultimate enjoyment and use their mind sharp. But these apps will provide users the better experience of mass shooting.
  • Free Fire is the app which gives users the opportunity to excel their skills of surviving from the enemies and mass shooting. Users try to hide themselves from the enemies in this fantastic and interesting game apk. So majority of the users satisfied themselves with the help of this game. But this apk has major drawback which is app purchase.
  • This apk is app purchase in some things which are quite unbearable for the users. They want that apk which is fully free for them and understand their problems and solve them. Hence the official apk is not completely free for the users while the mod apk is completely free and has unlimited resources like diamonds, coins etc.
  • Garena Free Fire is a fantasy theme originated base mobile game. In this game, the user is master of its skills and kills the other players by using the resources which will be gained by attacking other players.

So the main and important resources of this game which are used to survive in the game are Gold, diamonds, coins etc. Players can make their groups of up to four players who can then participate in battle together against the other players. They gain the resources, fight for the resources and can talk with each other.


Unlimited Resources

Garena Free Fire Mod Apk version has the unlimited free coins, diamonds, gold, and money. But in simple Free Fire version, if the users want some diamonds and coins, than these resources can only be available on purchasing. So the most important feature of this mod apk version is the unlimited coins and resources to enjoy.

Free To Play

Users can enjoy this mod apk version for completely free. So this mod version has all the great features and qualities and offers the users to make new friends and talk with them.

Completely Free

This Mod Apk is complete free mod version. Hence it has many premium features to offer and it’s not the big game, but this mod version is still free for the users. So users can enjoy this mod version totally free. They have the complete access to unlimited diamonds, coins and money etc.

User Interface

One of the best features of this mod version is that this mod version has user friendly interface which is amazing for the users. So the interface of this mod version is very suitable for the users and it is highly accessible for all users to understand.

Safe and Secure

This mod apk game is completely free and very safe to use and play. So users can easily download this mod version without the problem. But this mod version is completely safe and secure and it is free from all the viruses etc.

Unique Locations

Now in this mod version, Free Fire developer has introduces the new location for the users. Users can have the different unique locations in this mod game. So users can enjoy this mod game in Kalahari location which is fully unique for the users. But this new location is locked in original game and it gets unlocked by the real currency.

Users can play this mod game in different unique locations. So users can make their new friends in this mod version and can have the complete access to all features.

Ads Free

Free Fire Mod Apk version is completely ads free and completely free to play. This mod apk version of the game is totally ads free and secure. Users can play the game with unlimited coins, gold, money and many more. This is the most important feature of the game because ads can annoy the users very much during the action game.

Unlimited Coins

The other quite interesting and important feature of this mod game is the unlimited number of coins. Users can get the unlimited number of coins in this mod game as well. In the official game, users have to purchase the coins with the real currency. But in the Free Fire Mod Apk, users have the unlimited coins and they can get the other features as well.

Extraordinary Graphics

The evergreen 3D graphics and high quality real effects make this game more astonishing and more attractive for the users. This mod apk provides its users with more attaining powerful graphics with the great visual effects. These types of graphics and standards set the new battle game standards for all the mobile action games.


There will be no any issue regarding the ban problem for the devices. Users can easily play their game by download and installing the mod apk version of the game. Users have no any worry about the ban of the game.

Multiplayer Mode

Another interesting feature of this game is the multiplayer mode which gives user the chance to win games in style and easily. But in multiplayer mode, user can plan their own unique strategies to attack the other players and loot their resources.

Attack to Single Mode Player

In moded version, users can attack the other players which are especially in single player mode. So this version appeals the user to attack towards the single player mode because it is quite vulnerable for attack.

Royal Player

The new hero Royal Champion is also available in this moded version. So this champion player is also accessible in Garena Free Fire Mod apk version. Just like that, user can access the other heroes of this game in mod version.

Unique Powers & Strategies

This mod version gives users the ultimate powers and force that might help in the battles against evils. Users will able to customize their own troops as they want to build. So users get the chance to plan their own troops and win the battles against the enemies. But this mod offers them to create the ultimate force that attack on enemies with great techniques and powers that ensures the chance of winning.

Other Features

  • The user can max their troops by attacking other players. In simple version of this game, there is no approach to premium characters but in this moded version the user has access to all premium characters.
  • It also works with no roots in this moded version, otherwise in simple version there has to be rooted version.
  • This moded apk version has the new challenges, new bases, shops etc. The user can talk globally.

Regular Updates of Resources

In this moded version, users can get the regular updates of all resources, latest troops around you, champion heroes and other things. But in the official game, the users stuck in the old fashion game with old features. So this feature makes the users fresh and happy.

Anti-Ban and Safe

This feature makes the users fear less because in the official game the player must die at one time or their account ban for the rules violation of the game. But in this Free Fire Mod Apk version, the users want to play as they can. So there will no fear of death or losing the resources. Hence this version also not asks the users to root their devices to play.

Download and Install on Android Devices

Garena Free Fire Apk Mod

Name Garena Free Fire Mod Apk
Android Version  4.0.3 and up
Apk Version 1.47.0 [Latest]
Size of App 47 MB
Developer Name Garena International
Downloads 100,000,00+

  • This apk can be downloaded through this link:

  • First thing users have to give permission to all unknown sources by going to settings and to look for security on the device.
  • After downloading, the Apk file is downloaded in the user’s android device.
  • Now search the file and double tap on it.
  • New Tab will be open. You have to give permission the apk for install and then click on install button.
  • After the installation, Open the apk file and enjoy the Free Fire Mod Apk on android devices.

Download and Install Cooking Fever Mod Apk on PC via Android Emulator

This mod version is mainly introduced for android users, but it can be downloaded and installed on PC.  Users have to install android emulator in the PC first and then download the Garena Free Fire Mod Apk on the PC.

This Mod Apk has not introduced for the PC users, but it can be installed via Emulator. So users firstly downloaded the Android Emulator first and then install mod version. The total procedure is given as follows:

  • First of all, download the Android Emulator in PC via this link:

  • After the download and installation of Bluestacks Emulator,
  • The Bluestacks Emulator will protect your PC and user’s PC will work like android device.

  • Then download this link.
  • After downloaded the Mod Apk file, go to the respective downloaded folder on PC/Laptop.
  • Do right click with mouse and open this mod file through Bluestacks emulator.
  • Then click on install button.
  • After the installation process, click on the mod apk file and launch it.
  • Now, users enjoy the Free Fire Mod Apk on their PC and get the unlimited coins, gems etc. for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to use Free Fire Mod Apk for PC?
Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the mod version of free Fire Mod Apk on PC. Users are free to download and play the Cooking Fever Mod Apk for PC.
Do the users need to pay any amount for mod apk?
No, the users do not need to pay any charges, amount for downloading and installation of free Fire Mod Apk. This is all in one free version of Free Fire Mod Apk.
Is the Free Fire Mod Apk safe and secure?
Yes, the Free Fire Mod Apk is completely safe and secure. It is safe from the viruses and easy to use.
Can the users download the Mod apk on IOS devices?
No, this mod apk file is introduced only for android devices and not for IOS devices. Only the android users can take the benefit of Mod apk.
Is this mod version download on PC?
Yes, this mod version can be downloaded and installed on PC by the android emulator on PC. Users have to firstly install emulator first and then Free Fire Mod Apk game.
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Garena Free Fire Mod Apk is very attractive action mobile game for the users. It is very attractive game for all people of all age. It is addictive game for all ages. So this game has the very great techniques and impressive gameplay. Hence users can make new friends all over the world with the help of this action mod game. Indeed Free Fire Mod Apk has the unlimited free diamonds, coins from which users have the opportunity to get all in app purchases for completely free.